NEW Verizon Google Pixel 3a

NEW Verizon Google Pixel 3a

  • $399.00


Pixel 3a is everything you need – including the best of Pixel’s extraordinary camera, Adaptive Battery, help from the Google Assistant, and a custom-built Titan M chip – at a more accessible price point.

Screen sizes: Pixel 3a 5.6”

Storage: 64GB


Pixel 3a’s extraordinary camera helps you capture better

pictures with Night Sight and take flawless photos with

Portrait Mode - all with unlimited storage at high quality3 -

so you never have to worry about storing, finding or sharing

your memories. And that’s only the beginning - with

Playground and Photobooth, there are many more ways to


Google Assistant

The Google Assistant helps you send texts, get directions,

screen calls, and so much more. It’s got your back, and your

answers, and helps you get more done during your day.5,6

Just say “Hey Google” to get started. You can also quickly –

and conveniently – activate your Google Assistant with a

light squeeze of Pixel 3a’s sides.7


The latest Android 9.0 Pie OS and the custom-built Titan M

chip help boost data protection with the safety and security

only Google can provide.8 Plus, with Pixel 3a you get 3

years of OS and security updates to ensure you always have

the most up-to-date OS and your phone is protected against

the latest threats.

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