Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro Router With Embedded LTE Advanced Modem

  • $799.00


This router features an embedded modem and you will need a SIM card with active service from a compatible provider to use it.

The BR1 has a standard 2FF SIM slot - if you plan to use a micro or nano SIM, you'll need a SIM adapter.

The Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro is an ideal solution for businesses that need a reliable and versatile wireless network. This cellular branch networking router has a four-port LAN switch, meaning it can be seamlessly deployed within existing infrastructure or set up as part of a temporary or satellite job site. It contains an embedded LTE Advanced modem for use in North America and elsewhere. You can also use wired WAN and Wi-Fi as WAN to connect with devices. Pepwave’s SpeedFusion Failover technology monitors each connection, and if the primary connection goes down, it will swap over to a healthy back-up.

A number of enterprise features give the MAX BR1 Pro router advanced networking capabilities. It contains redundant multi-carrier SIM card slots that automatically switch when you cross a country border, enter a low-coverage area or reach a data cap. Manage your vehicle fleet using built-in GPS tracking and manage the router as a whole using the cloud-based InControl 2 interface. The Pepwave BR1 Pro Wi-Fi router is designed to give you a more stable and more flexible business connection. 

Includes one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from Pepwave.

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