Verizon Novatel 7730L Hotspot BLADE External Antenna w/Velcro Mount

Verizon Novatel 7730L Hotspot BLADE External Antenna w/Velcro Mount

  • $26.99

- World-Band BLADE 3G 4G LTE External Antenna Signal Booster w/Adapter Cable & Velcro Mount. This Rugged Antenna Has Been Approved and Sold by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint / Clear, US Cellular, Telus, Telstra and Other Service Provider Agents Nationwide/Worldwide!!

- Advanced Hi-Gain Multi-Band (3G 4G LTE AMPS HSDPA EDGE EVDO GPRS UMTS CDMA WCDMA TDMA GSM - Digital & Analog) Technology Delivers Maximum Reception - Up To 5 Times More Signal (3dBi - 5dBi System Gain) Than Your Wireless Equipment Used Inside Vehicles / Homes / Buildings Without External Antenna.

- Omni-Directional - World-Band - Supports All Wireless Carriers & Technologies: Dual-Band & Tri-Mode/US & European Frequencies: (700MHz - 900MHz / 1710MHz-2170MHz ) Tuned Specifically For Multi-Mode Wireless Equipment

- For Nationwide Cellular 3G 4G LTE XLTE Use.

- Hi-Density Polymer Construction (5.5"Tall x 1"Wide) Assures Superior Durability - Withstands Rigors of Every Day Use - For Inside Use Only.

- Includes - 36" RG174 Antenna Coax Cable w/Poly Seal Insulation - Ensures Long Lasting / Interference Free Use.

- Includes - 18" OEM SMK TS-9 Adapter Cable - Connects Broadband Modem To Antenna Coax - Engineered Specifically for Verizon NETGEAR Devices.

- Includes - Velcro Mount For Easy-On / Easy-Off Mounting!!

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